GraphQL Training

GraphQL training for teams in London, Berlin and Europe.
From one of the maintainers of GraphiQL.

The GraphQL Revolution

GraphQL is a breakthrough in API design adopted by many of the world’s top companies (and many small ones too). The creator of the open standard, Facebook, has used it to serve over 2 billion users and cite it as a key reason for their dominance in mobile.

By adopting GraphQL in your business you can innovate faster and deliver better web experiences leading to increase conversions, fewer lost sales due to bugs and higher search engine ratings.

Meet the trainers

Benjie Gillam

Benjie has been writing applications, servers and APIs professionally for over a decade. As part of maintaining PostGraphile, a popular OSS project that generates an extremely high-performance and highly configurable GraphQL API from your existing PostgreSQL database schema, Benjie built the Graphile suite of tools for building scalable GraphQL schemas through plugins. He also helps to maintain the official GraphiQL GraphQL IDE and is a contributor to the GraphQL Specification Working Group. He sees GraphQL as one of the biggest advancements in web API technology during his career.

Jem Gillam

Jem has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), which equipped her with the tools and techniques to support people in their learning journeys. After a career change to programming where she built web and iOS apps she joined the GraphQL-Training team and brings a focus on learning methodologies and curricula planning. She also operates the human side of the Graphile OSS projects, building the community around the software and ensuring that supporters’ concerns are rapidly addressed.

GraphQL for
Fullstack Developers & Teams

This advanced 2- or 3-day course gives full stack engineers and cross-discipline teams the experience and intuitions to create high performance GraphQL applications/APIs rapidly and on the right footing.

Starting with learning the core concepts and how to use queries, mutations and fragments, the course progresses to building skills in areas such as schema design, authentication and API performance.

  • GraphQL concepts and terminology.
  • How to perform queries and mutations using GraphiQL and HTTP.
  • Composing GraphQL documents with fragments.
  • Versionless schema design.
  • Understanding GraphQL performance.
  • Authenticating GraphQL requests.
  • Collaborating on GraphQL design.

Bespoke GraphQL Course
For Your Team

Discuss your requirements and goals with our experts and we‘ll help come up with the perfect course for your team.

  • From a half day intensive course up to a 3-day comprehensive course
  • Bespoke to your stack
  • Modular learning

What They Are Saying

We were hosting a critical 30-person customer training session for a Fortune 50 company, and needed to establish a baseline understanding of GraphQL. Benjie was flexible, professional, and accommodating in working with us to build a GraphQL module that fit our specific agenda and trainee backgrounds. In the feedback, our customers specifically called out Benjie’s clarity and engaging teaching style out as a highlight of the 3-day training. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Benjie taught me more about software development than anybody I’ve worked with before or since.
Benjie can give a massively in-depth talk without making your brain melt. His speaking style makes the subject very approachable and gets you excited for what you are learning.
Lissi S.
The workshop was presented with well thought out code samples - and even though I was on a (less than ideally set up) Windows machine, Benjie knew just how to sort out any problems that arose.

On-site, Off-site or Remote

Every organization’s need is different which is why we love to work with teams on site, customizing the syllabus to meet your needs. With a decade of experience in building products and consulting with small startups through to household name media companies, we understand how to help your developers achieve the very best…

Need a remote or external location? We can do that too. We conduct bespoke online webinars and can host up to 20 developers at central locations in all major European cities.

Contact us for more details.

Teaching Style

We find that most people learn best by doing, so our 1-day and 2-day courses have multiple cycles of listening to a short presentation and then performing a programming exercise using the techniques discussed. This gives the student opportunity to solidify their understanding, experiment and even to make mistakes and learn how to fix them.

We operate a buddy system where each student is paired with another so they can help each other to solve any problems, and our trainers will be on-hand to help clarify any uncertainties and guide how to fix issues.

GraphQL – The Future of Web APIS

GraphQL... gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more, makes it easier to evolve APIs over time, and enables powerful developer tools.
Lee Byron
Creator of GraphQL
  • GraphiQLTools for building a GraphQL IDE
  • PostGraphileInstant GraphQL API from a PostgreSQL database schema